Bruce Springsteen's Life And Accomplishments

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Bruce Springsteen grew up in Freehold Borough, New Jersey. He was raised in what you would call a working class household. His mother, Adele, worked as a secretary in a local insurance office and brought in way more money than his father, Doug, did. Doug worked any job he could really get his hands on to help out with the family, but he had trouble all throughout his life with holding down a steady job. What nobody knew is that this environment was molding a little boy into the rock star sensation that everybody would grow to love.

Springsteen was born in 1949 at Monmouth Medical Center, on the twenty third of September, in Long Branch, New Jersey. He was taken home to Freehold Borough where he would spend his childhood years. This would also be the town where he got his high school diploma at Freehold Borough High School, however this is not where he began his education. He originally began his education at St. Rose of Lima Catholic School. He was brought up Catholic because his parents were Catholic, so they saw it fitting to send him to a Catholic School, but Springsteen later rejected the strictures imposed on him. Once he transferred to Freehold Borough High …show more content…

In 1964, when Springsteen was fifteen years old, his mother bought him his first guitar for eighteen dollars. Bruce said that this did not go over well at all with his father, seeing as how he did not approve of his musical ambitions. Young Springsteen went on to say (according to “There were two things that were unpopular in my house; one was me and the other was my guitar.” Springsteen later realized how important it was for him to have the fraught relationship with his father that he had. All of his music would have of been happy music if it wasn’t for what he went through with his father growing up and that would not have been good because it was his “darker” side of him and his music that everybody

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