Bruial of the Dead

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Life and Death: Burial of the Dead The only thing in life that is one-hundred percent certain is death. Humans go through life ignoring this ultimate fate until the day they are confronted. What a civilization does with their deceased tells a lot about their culture and beliefs in an afterlife. Whether a person is cremated or the body is preserved, whether they are buried in the ground or placed in a tomb, and how their final place is decorated all show their cultures values and beliefs and what kind of person they were. At the Getty Villa museum one piece called the Sarcophagus with Scenes from the life of Achilles depicts how a Roman sarcophagus can show you their beliefs and customs.
The Sarcophagus with Scenes from the Life of
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A person with a sarcophagus that has a scene of war might want to be show that they were great warriors or conquerors in their life.
Another culture that influenced the Romans was the Greeks. The Sarcophagus has a scene of Achilles life along the side and the way Achilles and the warriors are depicted follow the way the Greeks depicted their warriors. The warriors along the side of the Sarcophagus show absolutely no emotion even though there are in the middle of battle some are shown nude as well. This tradition of depicting men like this comes from the Greek Kouros Statue .The Greek Kouros statues were created as burial markers and evolved from there. The Kouros statues were carved in such a way to display the human body in its most natural form, which is nude, and men of war were shown to be strong and muscular and display no emotion on their face. These traits depict a virtuous man, a man who displays wisdom, courage, and self-control. These virtues are depicted in all of Greek art and the Romans took this and combined it with their own artwork giving us the beautiful carving along the side of the Sarcophagus. In some Roman sarcophagi one could have the hero in the story depicted like oneself which would then show that the person buried in this sarcophagus thought that they were virtuous. One famous culture that practiced the use of sarcophagi was the Egyptians. An example of an Egyptian sarcophagus is the

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