Bruno Mars: A True Musical Talent

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Bruno Mars: A True Musical Talent In today’s music industry, there are many prominent artists. Many lack originality and imagination. They have the same style, the same type of genre and the same method they of rising to stardom - mainly tabloids. However, there is one name that stands out, making a unique name for himself: Bruno Mars. Bruno Mars has a great voice, produces catchy songs (most of which he writes himself), and knows how to play several instruments. He has the originality and freshness in his voice to make him stand out in a bigger way. By having relatable songs and a humble personal image, Bruno Mars is leaps and bounds better than his contemporaries and a true role model. As an artist it is very important to connect to your audience. Bruno does this by writing lyrics that connect with his audience on many levels. He expresses his feelings through his songs and sings from the heart and personal experiences. There is a presence in his voice, something that gets stuck in your head from the very first time you hear it. Bruno knows how to make each of us feel special and just revel in his music with the songs like “Just the Way You Are.” Every song that Bruno writes captures your soul. His songs are so amazing that they make every girl feel vulnerable, yet gives her the confidence to feel good about herself. For example, his song “Just the Way You Are” makes every girl feel dreamy, imagining that her someone special would dedicate the song to her or
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