Bruno Mars

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Stephanie Aguilar
Professor Lee
ENGL 1302
2, April 2013

Are you aware of the meaning of true love when the money and the power are sitting comfortably in your hands? In the song “When I was your Man” by Bruno Mars, he expresses his regret of putting aside a loyal woman. Serving him as a lesson learned, he found the true meaning of appreciation of a good woman. Bruno Mars expresses the consequences of his decisions. Unfortunately, his choices threw away an opportunity that was standing at his door step. This song conveys situations in which Bruno Mars could have done more than he did. Throughout “When I was your Man,” he is continually stating things he once took for granted. Therefore forcing him to love and live
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At that time, Bruno realized he continuously took her for granted. While he once thought nothing of his choices the second she was out of the picture brought him in a dark place; bringing it to his attention the importance of waking up next to her genuine love—becoming all too serial to him. Losing his sense of comfort he was so use to having. To further understand, he incorporates the simple fact of the radio. Regardless of one’s mood, the radio is a source people rely on to deal with mental stresses. Music helps bring people out of a funk. It helps them feel what is needed to be felt in order to overcome different emotions. Bruno Mars sings, “Our song on the radio, but it don’t sound the same” (1.2.) Significantly, spending an enormous amount of time with a person indefinitely draws an emotional connection to the other. It means that the smallest details will turn into one of the greatest memories. At one point in time the song had was a very catchy and uplifting tune to it. Signifying the love and happiness they felt for one another as a couple. After the breakup he refers to the same song but with a different tune, only to represent her absence in the relationship. Minifying the sadness and heartache he felt; the feeling of emptiness in now a contributing factor to his persona. Serving as a constant reminder of what he once had and lost. Undoubtedly, the experiences serve as lessons learned. Dealing with a broken heart is never an easy task—sometimes people fall
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