Brunswick High. Emergency Procedures

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Brunswick High Emergency Procedures are located in the Policies and Procedures section. They are divided into 4 sections: Fire Safety Guidelines, Emergency Drills, Response to a Violent Incident (can be a student disruption), and a crisis policy. The fire safety guidelines were more about the type of equipment that could be used in the classroom, while emergency drills were broken into fire drills and tornado drills. Similarities and Differences The similarities between Goodyear Elementary and Brunswick High were the fact that: • Both had a section in the handbook for emergency procedures that included fire drills, tornadoes, procedures for death, suicide, and major student disruptions/response to violent incidents, and crisis information • Copies of the Glynn County Emergency Procedure and exit routes are posted in the classrooms, and • Emergency procedures are explained on the first day of school. While the elementary school provided a short description of their emergency procedures, it stated that more information could be found in the Crisis Management Plan (also included in the Staff Handbook). What’s strange is that although a crisis management plan has been created, fire drills were not better described nor mentioned all; not even the sound signal to look for. In the event of a fire, younger students usually need more attention to care and calm down. Therefore, it would have been helpful to cover fire procedures more thoroughly. In the high school handbook, the
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