Brushing Invisalign Trays

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Have you ever heard a product of Invisalign? This type of product belongs to demanded products which offer great protection for your teeth. It is known as aligners which can be removed, like retainers as well as braces. The main function of this product is to straighten the disorder teeth. When it comes to the Invisalign process, it is essential to make sure the cleanness either the aligners or the teeth. Based on that, it is a must to keep the Invisalign retainers clean. Nowadays, there are several appropriate cleansing system which is recommended to clean the retainers. Nevertheless, they are quite expensive. So, how to clean Invisalign cheaper and simpler? Here is the method.

Brushing Invisalign Trays
The first method on how to clean
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You can utilize a soft toothbrush and toothpaste like brushing your own teeth. You can brush any particle of foods away gently, especially in the left sides and right sides of the retainers. Just clean your aligners thoroughly. After brushing your aligners, you need to rinse it off. You can put it under the lukewarm water stream. You, then, dry the aligners with the clean dry towel and you can put it back on your teeth.

However, there are several things which should be concerned. When you want to rinse off your aligners, you need to make sure for using cold water, not hot water. Invisalign can be melted when it is rinsed off on the hot water. The usage of hot water also cause the permanently damage. The usage of toothpaste should also be avoided since toothpaste contain of abrasive ingredients which can leave some scratches on the retainers. Using the water or mild dish detergent is appropriate to brush the Invisalign trays.

When you take out your retainers, you also need to clean your bare teeth. Make sure that your bare teeth are free of bacteria as well as food particles which are hiding among your teeth. The cleaner you brush your teeth, the cleaner the Invisalign retainer
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