Brussels and Bradshaw Case Study Essay

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BA 590 Organizational Behavior
Assignment 3, Brussels and Bradshaw Case Study
Sheldon Sukut
Grantham University

This case study was a unique insight into how internships are conducted at Brussels and Bradshaw (B&B). It covered almost every issue discussed up to this point in the text and how it could be done wrong. While this may be an exceptional case, at least some of these behaviors are prevalent throughout the business community. Identifying and finding solutions is the key in correcting attitudes and behaviors which are detrimental to success.

It is clear that B&B worked under the operant conditioning theory first and foremost, simply because of the way that interns were treated is how they were
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The assigned mentor never contacted her to set goals and provide the guidance she would need to be successful at B&B. Even the formal feedback from Richards was late, not coming until the fourth week when it should have happened in the first week. Only Page provided the any support as her assigned buddy and was even accused by Richards of doctoring Locke’s work without any proof. Additionally, there are multiple stressors identified in this scenario to include role ambiguity, working conditions, incivility and job security for Locke. The occupation and management style associated with this type of work is also a factor in this case. As a whole, B&B did little in did little in Organizational Modification behavior, either to benefit the interns or change how the associates treated the interns. This is demonstrated in the attitudes exhibited by the managing director, vice president and associates. They not only didn’t stop the hazing of interns, they perpetuated it and justified it as a means of weeding out the weak. B&B needs to adopt a diversity culture that will end prejudice and discrimination or they could be looking at some class action lawsuits as mentioned in the text.

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Read the Part II Case Study beginning on page 277 after Chapter 7. Write a

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