Brutality in Algeria Essay

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In Algeria, an African country, there is a civil war raging. The radicles are ruthless and will do anything to ensure their victory. Their ultimate goal is to take over the country, to rule it on their own (Hafez). They were ruthless and heartless and did not care who got in their way. This country has been struggling to maintain civilization to no prevail. This country has been struggling for quite some time now it is about time for it to pull itself back together and regroup. If it does not the results could possibly be catastrophic. The country could fall to the radicles and become a total anarchy. Meaning there is no government and everyone lives with their own rules. During this civil war the government is falling to the radicles.…show more content…
This indicated that the radicles were afraid of smart women. Being smart is to be powerful and that is the opposite of what these terrorist wanted. One woman was speaking out against women being treated differently and her father was killed that way she had to suffer. Life for women is rough in Algeria due to them being in this war with the radicle Islamics. The women are much weaker than the men therefore they believe that women cannot do the same thing that they do, which is where most of the sexism comes from.During the war women played parts in mostly helping out the troops, also another reason they were targeted. Women are equal to men regardless of what is said. Most countries are past this chapter in history and women are not totally equal, but a lot closer than this one. The women are beaten for not complying with request. Forced to be sex slaves to the radicles they are captured by. Also being killed for being intelligent or being powerful as well as speaking out against these crimes. After their capture the radicles work them like dogs doing whatever they ask and when they are done they either release them or kill them depending on how well they complied. Sometimes the radicles did not even give the women a chance they simply killed them out of cold blood, just because they could. The sexism was so bad that some men wouldn’t let their wives go outside for fear of them being snatched up and killed. Along with sexism in Algeria the government is not
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