Brutus In William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar a story by William Shakespeare is a fascinating look into the upper echelon of the Roman Empire during the time of Julius Caesar. The main conspirator Cassius a character that is cold and calculating was able to pull Caesar’s friend Brutus into the conspiracy by playing on Brutus’s love of the Republic of Rome. Flavius and Murellus in the opening scene down play the accomplishments of Caesar to commoners awaiting the arrival of Caesar during his victory parade having defeated his nemesis Pompey sons. Flavius and Murellus scold the commoners saying how the commoners are forgetful of the things that Pompey has done for Rome. So Flavius and Murellus set the scene for the play by trying to poison the minds of Roman citizens towards Caesar. Cassius knows just what to say to make Brutus question the motives of his friend Caesar.…show more content…
To strengthen his alliance with Brutus Cassius forges letters of Roman citizens and has a conspirator named Cinna throw them through the window at Brutus’s home and place some in Brutus’s congress seat. Brutus reads a letter at his home that convinces him that his friend should be done away with for the good of Rome. Cassius, Casca, Decius, Cinna, Murellus, and Trebonius have a meeting at Brutus’s house at this meeting they discuss how they will assonate Caesar. During this meeting Cassius suggest that they should enlist Cicero into their plot but Brutus knowing how Cicero thinks says it would not be a good
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