Brutus Philosophy and The Gods

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### Not sure about this ### Brutus was almost prone over the lifeless body. His wails drowned the sobs of the other four. Nonetheless all ten eyes flowed profusely with tears. This, distraught, leaderless group did not give much thought as to what they should do next. From behind them an old man approached from the wood. His eyes that glistened with tears peered under his thick white brows. His white hair that was as white as the snow on the nearby mountains flowed down to his shoulders and melded along with his beard into his white woolen Chilton which hung to his ankles. The facial features that were not hidden by snowy white hair was a long sharp nose, high cheek bones and tear filled blue eyes. Gently pushing Idaeus, who with his friends were standing, aghast and weeping, he leaned down over Brutus and placed his hand on the back of Brutus’ right shoulder. He spoke, “Son, we have to hide all our grief in our hearts. The Gods have designs beyond human understanding and the lots they spin for mortals, must suit their desires. Zeus has an urn filled with grief and poverty as well as pleasure and good fortune. With his great wisdom, which is vast, profound and incomprehensible to mortals, He selects from this urn, gifts and tosses them out for mortals to catch. At times and places, some catch bountiful crops, wealth, and longevity while others catch plague, famine and death. Even so, plethora for some may not endure while for others, hardship may turn
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