Brutus Vs Antony Essay

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It’s not always about being right or wrong, it’s about who can win over the audience. This is relevant, because Brutus and Mark Antony both give speeches to the Roman people to try and persuade them to side with them. Antony used rhetoric more strategically and successfully, therefore, the people sided with him. Brutus and Antony have similarities between their speeches. They both have differences throughout their speeches. In the end, one of the speeches worked better on the people and they either sided with Brutus or Antony. There is similarities between both of their speeches. They both started their speeches off with three memorable words. Brutus started his speech off with the words, “Romans, countrymen, and lovers”(III, ii, 12).…show more content…
Antony gave his speech right after Brutus, which was perfect timing, because the people didn’t have to time to fully think about what Brutus said. Brutus told the crowd that he killed Caesar because he was too ambitious, but gave no good evidence of how he was ambitious. Antony proved to the crowd that Caesar wasn’t ambitious by giving three examples. The examples he gave were, “He brought many captives home to Rome whose ransoms brought wealth to the city”(III, ii, 87-88), “When the poor cried, Caesar cried too”(III, ii, 90), and “He refused the crown three times”(III, ii, 95-96). After them examples, the people believed suffered a terrible wrong. Antony then showed the crowd Caesar’s cloak and pointed out where Brutus stabbed and said, “For Brutus, as you know, was Caesar’s angel. The gods know how dearly Caesar loved him”(III, ii, 176-177). Lastly, Antony read Caesar’s will to the people and told them that Caesar left every individual seventy five drachmas and left them all of his walk ways. After the showing of the cloak and the reading of the will, the people want revenge on the Brutus and the
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