Essay about Brutus for Ruler in Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar"

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In the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare there are several people who would be good rulers of Rome. Out of them all Brutus would have been the best choice to lead Rome. Brutus would be the best chosen leader for Rome for several reasons. Brutus was a very smart man and smartness is a very good quality for a leader. Another feature Brutus had, was he had very little or maybe even no emotions, and if he did he did a very good job of hiding them. A further aspect of Brutus is that he was very well respected by everyone. A trait that Brutus shows several times is his smartness. In act two he talks to himself about whether or not he should join the conspirators and kill Caesar. He compares Caesar to an unhatched serpent egg because…show more content…
If he hadn’t done that they would have thought that they just killed him for no reason what so ever. Brutus supposedly had no emotions and if he did then he certainly did a really good job in hiding them. This was a good thing because he wouldn’t make his decisions based on his emotions unlike Antony who based all of his actions on the emotions he had on the killing of Caesar. It is clear to see that Brutus had no emotions because when his wife Portia died he didn’t even cry. He stated that he was having troubles he did not say that he was sad or depressed. Unlike all the other conspirators Brutus killed Caesar for the good of Rome and not for his own gain. As for the others, they killed Caesar because they didn’t want Caesar to become even more powerful than themselves. Brutus was a very well respected figure even if they didn’t agree with what he had to say. The conspirators want Brutus to join because of his position of respect he had. They knew that if Brutus was on their side the people wouldn’t be as harsh because they would already know that if Brutus did something it was for a good reason. Another example of how many people had reverence for Brutus was in the end of the fifth act. Antony went to find Brutus and saw that he was dead he stated “This was the noblest Roman of them all. All the rest of the conspirators acted out of jealousy of great Caesar. Only he acted from honesty
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