Brutus, the Noblest Roman of them All Essay

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Brutus, the Noblest Roman of them All

By definition, noble is having moral character, courage, generosity, honor and bravery to do what is right. It is finding the truth and reason in everything that happens around you. Many of the characters in Julius Caesar have a selfish goal to gain more power and wealth. For instance, Julius Caesar was a great general, but he only cared about ruling Rome. Cassius was a smart and wise man, but he wanted Caesar’s death out of envy and jealousy. Many of the senators, who were involved in Caesar`s assassination, hated watching him take over Rome, and many Romans thought of him as their rival. Except for one noble senator named Brutus, who was different from the other senators and fought only for Rome
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Brutus took part in Caesar’s death for Rome, while the other senators did it out of envy and fear that Caesar would become too powerful. Many of the senators hated Caesar, but Brutus admits how he loved Caesar and how it was hard for him to kill him. In history, during the time of segregation, Martin Luther King, Jr. had to face prejudice, injustice, and hate so he could fight for civil rights. Just like how Brutus faces his fellow Romans, their criticism and Antony and Octavius` attempts at killing him, so he could save democracy. Both Martin Luther King, Jr. and Brutus were ready to do what it took to make a change and take risks to reach their goals. Martin Luther King, Jr. dreamed of equality and he took the risk to make the “I Have a Dream” speech even though it put his life on the line. Brutus stabs Caesar and keeps his life on the line to make a difference in the Roman government and faces tough consequences. In his speech after Caesar’s death, he tells his fellow Romans: “I have / the same dagger for myself when it shall please my country to need my death” (iii. ii.45-46). Brutus explains that he would keep the same dagger he used to kill Caesar when he fails to bring change to Rome and do whatever it takes to please his country, even if it involves his own death. Brutus’ speech shows his full commitment to doing the right thing for Rome and his willingness to risk his life if he fails. Brutus takes on risks and challenges to
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