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Save Your Smile, Stop Grinding! By Charles Harrison 1 Table of Contents Introduction – What is Bruxism? What Happens if My Bruxism Is Not Treated? Chapter 1: About Bruxism How Do I Find Out if I Suffer From Bruxism? The Bite Strip Hair Analysis Chapter 2: What Causes Bruxism? Drug Induced Bruxism Amphetamines and Psycho Stimulants Antidepressants Bruxism Induced by Malocclusion Frustration, Lifestyle Stress and Anger Chapter 3: The Best Way to Sleep How you should be laying in your bed Chapter 4: Simple Relaxation Techniques Breathing Exercises Ventilation & Breathing More About Breathing Exercises Meditation Acquiring a Meditative Focus Chapter 5: Oral Health in Relation to Teeth…show more content…
In upcoming chapters, we’ll discuss ways to stop bruxism, limit the damage to your teeth, and prevent what you’ll come to understand as unnecessary and preventable pain. Let’s get started. 6 Chapter 1: About Bruxism The damage to your teeth, jaw and mouth from bruxism is invisible at first. Even if you are aware that you are grinding your teeth, you may not realize you are causing damage that could become irreversible. You should suspect bruxism if you experience the following symptoms on a regular basis – Your teeth ache when you wake up Your jaw feels tense or tight You experience frequent headaches You sleep poorly, and feel fatigued throughout the day Your teeth are sensitive to cold, heat and food Bear in mind that you may not experience these symptoms all the time. For some, it takes years before symptoms are felt. In all cases of bruxism, however, advanced damage can and will follow if left untreated. How Do I Find Out if I Suffer From Bruxism? Beyond simply suspecting you are clenching and grinding your teeth, your first step in verifying your bruxism is a visit to your dentist. A general practice dentist can determine whether you suffer from bruxism. In cases, where malocclusion is involved, your dentist may refer you to an orthodontist. Bruxism that has progressed to an advanced stage will require the consultation of an oral surgeon. All of these
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