Bryan Stevenson's Analysis

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Bryan Stevenson, human rights lawyer and founder of the Equal Rights Initiative (ERI), has been central to an ongoing project of the ERI to create markers for the lynching sites of African Americans. Its function is to “to create a mechanism for forcing people to talk more about slavery,” with the hope of confronting racial injustice within America through confronting our long history of abuse (Carp). Stevenson believes that any impetus to talk about slavery is vital to understanding why our society is shaped the way it is, and why we deal with the problems we do. I agree with Stevenson in that the identification of these sites is a beginning in our journey to uncover the truth of our past and our present, which for too long has been shielded from the American consciousness.
Throughout the United States today, images of the the Confederacy are still prevalent throughout the South. There are memorials to the bravery of people such as Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis, people who fought to ensure that African Americans would forever be victims of their own country. Upholding old Southern “pride” without
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While I strongly believe that conversation is required as the basis for any change, the spread of misinformation can be just as harmful as a lack of information. If a white child were to be told that they are inherently more superior than someone else, it would be more difficult to change that person’s mind later on. They would have already filtered their experiences through this lens, and most likely would have formed other assumptions about people that would be difficult to eradicate. Informing someone who previously had no information about a subject at least has a chance to form opinions that are not clouded by former
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