Bsa 310 Kudler Frequent Shopper Program

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Kudler Fine Foods is a much renowned food store, established at the different locations in California. The main focus of the store is to have ‘profit maximization’ by providing quality products at appropriate prices, in comparison of the competitors. The firm also wants to satisfy its clientele. Through this objective, the store wants to acquire major expansion. It currently wishes to enlarge its services by attaining perfection in the in the operational activities. Kudler also desires to increase the 'consumer purchase cycle ' which they hope will result in an increase of both profitability as well as loyalty. Kudler 's latest idea to increase its revenue is to implement a customer rewards program that will record customer purchases that…show more content…
Operationally, the Frequent Shopper Program should integrate into the existing standard procedures with little to no interference with standard operations. As the new system is fairly easy to manage, the new systems functionality will only require small amounts of user training so there will be no issues with computer competency. No current staff or management changes will be required, but the new program could bring an new connection to customer satisfaction and give the customer a better attitude during the purchase. This change will also not negate or change any existing workflows critical to the mission 's success of operations. The fact that the design of the network infrastructure is aging, the addition this program will not have a substantial impact on the company 's current existing capabilities. With the presumption that all of the risks involved in developing the system are identified, the development team should have no problem in designing the program to success. Early analysis shows that the program will most likely be developed as an enhancement to the current POS system, rather than starting a new program, this way it will easily integrate with current systems and existing key components all ready active. Kudler also used a POS server, which would be a good staging ground for the Frequent Shopper database. The economic feasibility has been determined by performing an analysis of costs and benefits. The analysis could help the

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