Bsa 310 Riordan Business Systems Review

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Riordan Manufacturing Business System Review
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April 22, 2011
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Riordan Manufacturing has been on a steady growth pattern since it began in 1991. Riordan currently has multiple databases handling separate aspects of the company. Each branch of Riordan Manufacturing has its own databases for human resources, sales, accounting and finance, operations and security. This paper presents the problems this type of system can cause and recommendations of a system that will integrate all locations regardless of city, state or country. These recommendations will integrate Riordan’s business systems by creating a central location for the information resulting in a streamlined,
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customer demand) or by new products for which markets must be found and exploited. A successfully integrated system will have two components (Allen, 2011):

1) The marketing and sales teams convey the same corporate brand and positioning messages throughout the awareness-to-decision process.

2) Data about leads, prospects, and customers is managed with a unified database that is used by both the marketing and sales teams.

An organization whose sales and marketing has access to all data about leads, prospects and customers in real-time is able to not only both respond quickly and accurately to opportunities, but also to efficiently evaluate markets and proactively generate opportunities from inception to close. An integrated system is the only means by which to accomplish this, as most solely sales force automation software or marketing tracking software does not address this issue.
Human Resources and Legal

A Human Resource Management System centralizes the databases and enables administrative control of employee records such as: • Payroll • Time and Attendance • Appraisal performance • Benefits Administration • Recruiting • Training • Performance Record • Scheduling • Retirement • Employee Self Service

According to Investopedia ULC (2012), " Operations management is concerned with converting materials and labor into goods and services as efficiently as

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