Bsa 310 Week 2 Individual Assignment Essay

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Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Buyer Program James L. Lewellen BSA/310 June 17, 2013 Thomas Potts Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Buyer Program The intent behind the development of Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Buyer Program is to increase the level of customer loyalty. The system will be broken down into two different levels; the frequency of a buyers shopping with Kudler Fine Foods and the amount of money that the buyer spends with each purchase. A program like this is typically used as a marketing strategy that is “enabled by point-of-sale technology to record and store customer purchases in exchange for rewards’ (Appel, p. 156, 2006). A web-based shopping program will be used to enhance the Frequent Buyer Program for Kudler Fine Foods.…show more content…
Financial Analysis This initial cost of the startup of this program will be a minimal impact on Kudler Fine Foods. The initial advertisement effort will be done via social media; the companies Facebook page and Twitter account, email and word of mouth. Allowing for a reward system for costumer referrals can be used for current and new customers as the programs is employed and continues to grow. Rajiv and bell argue “customer retention costs are generally lower than customer acquisition costs, companies are better of focusing attention on their more loyal customers especially since the top 20% of customers account for 80% of revenues and often more than 100% of profits” (p. 180, 2003). Kudler Foods could reduce their marketing expenses by using a customer loyalty system through the use of rewards. The sales increase from this program should be reflected by the increase of new customers and the increased returning customers increased spending. The use of seasonal promotions only available to costumers enrolled into the frequent buyers program could also help in increased sales profits. Conclusion A frequent shopper program can be a successful tool is used correctly by a company. The difficult task will always be bringing in new costumers. This program should allow for the retention of existing customers with Kudler Fine Foods. A rewards points system should be used for the exchange of

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