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Preliminary design model Proposed system process view Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program Student BSA375/Fundamentals of Business Systems Development University of Phoenix Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program Kudler Fine Foods is one of the preeminent destinations for the discerning shopper looking for all kinds of gourmet and specialty food items they are also one of the finest shopping destinations for anyone who just likes good food. At Kudler Fine Foods the company’s goal is to bring the very best value and quality to their customers and with this in mind Kudler Fine Foods seeks to create a rewards program for their fine customers. Team C…show more content…
Team C Consulting stands ready to assist Kudler Fine Foods with this additional effort. Summary of Project Feasibility Two main issues may affect the feasibility of this program for Kudler Fine Foods. Issue: System installation and employee training must not substantially disrupt operations. Discussion: The system’s administrative infrastructure shall be installed and tested before the software is connected to any POS stations. Training for administrative personnel will be conducted in three separate sessions at each Kudler location, in order to ensure that all backroom employees are not away from their duties at the same time. (Alternatively, training can be conducted after regular business hours, if Kudler Fine Foods would prefer this method.) Once the infrastructure is firmly in place, POS stations will be connected to the system and tested one at a time. This should require no additional training for the cashiers – the duty manager will be responsible for informing them about the new functionality of the card readers as they report for work. Issue: New system must incorporate pre-existing hardware to the greatest extent possible, in order to keep costs down and prevent interruption of business. Discussion: It will be necessary for Kudler Fine Foods to purchase a dedicated server for the program, and

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