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Kudler Fine Foods SR-KF-013 Paper

Kudler Fine Foods SR-KF-013 Paper

Kathy Kudler, and her company, Kudler Fine Foods, are attempting to initiate a customer loyalty program. According to Kudler (2007)This loyalty program, also called the frequent shopper program, is designed to award points for customer purchases which can then be redeemed for valuable gift items such as airline seat upgrades to first class or other specialty foods offered by Kudler. This program is designed to benefit Kudler by increasing customer loyalty and improving their profitability and bottom line. The ability to accomplish this goal in a manner that will produce the expected results efficiently and in a timely manner will be greatly enhanced through
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This decision was facilitated by the availability of a number of quality off-the-shelf solutions that would meet the company’s needs. Two vendors were identified as possible partners to develop this new frequent shopper program with Kudler. These systems were FXmedia and Incentivelogic. According to Incentivelogic’s website (, Incentive Logic’s points-based program utilizes software as a service (SAAS) platform backed by more than a decade of experience making incentive and recognition programs work online to help you achieve your business goals. The points-based platform meets enterprise demands for security, reliability and scalability. (Incentivelogic, 2007). In the loyalty program literature on the FXmedia’s website (, FXMedia (2011) states “With intelligent customer segmentation and targeted campaigns, each member of your program can feel like they are customers of their own "personal company", where everything is designed around their lifestyle and purchase behaviour patterns.” (para. 2). Having selected the two vendors (FXMedia & Incentivelogic), it was incumbent upon Kudler to make an assessment of the individual capabilities of each company’s platforms in order to determine the overall project feasibility. Feasibility Analysis
A thorough feasibility analysis needs to include a number of dimensions to assure that the company accounts for all of its

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