Bsa 375 Service Request Week 1

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Service Request SR-rm-022 part 1 BSA/375 Christopher Christmon Michael James July 18, 2015 The COO of Riordan manufacturing Hugh McCauley would like to combine the existing variety of tools in use into a single multi integrated application. Riordan Manufacturing wants to take advantage of the more sophisticated state of the art information systems that has already existed in the human resources department (Riordan Manufacturing, 2006). The information gathered in this document the information gathering techniques and the very sophisticated planned design methods that will be used and explained in great detail. The requirements for the business and the Human resources systems are to maintain the objectives of this request. That…show more content…
Business requirements for an HR system Riordan manufacturing is a very large company with facilities in many locations around the World. With any company with this size Riordan must have a system in place that is able to keep track of significant amounts of information. Such as Employee names, time sheets and a variety of other important information. This system should be able to have a central location so that stores all of this information and can be accessed not only by the corporate office but at each location as well. There are many functions that a new and improved system should provide. Such as inventory control, tracking of shipments into and out of the warehouses, and the receiving of such items to our costumers. These requirements are essential to the growth of Riordan Manufacturing. Scope and Feasibility Riordan Manufacturing is a multi location multi million dollar company that is looking to take advantage of a piece of software that is a state of the art sophisticated information system. Riordan would like to integrate its old information and use it to implement the new system and just have one system take care of everything. Since the corporation already has a similar system in place, this technology should be easily done with the new system. This new system should be very cost efficient and the process

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