Essay on Bsa 375 Sr-Rm-022 Part 1

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BSA 375 | SR-rm-022 | | | Bruce Gilmore | 11/25/2012 | Myrna Bravo

Riordan Manufacturing is in need of updating their decrepit HRIS system to stay profitable. This system will move from the legacy system, integrated with the financial system, into a new standalone system used to integrate all of the HR tools within the system presently. |

In 1992 Riordan Manufacturing opened its doors to the Human Resources Department. At that time the system, HRIS, was integrated to be cohesive with the financial system. Now, 20 years later, the system has seen better days as it continues to utilize both outdated hardware to run the system and processing methods for the current data associated with the system. Riordan
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Maria will be brought in to the requirements solicitation to provide information and resources of the physical requirements while agreeing upon acceptable and favorable terms for the system as a whole. Yvonne will be brought in as an overall eye of the system. Her point of view will be more thorough about the system than the end users. Her sight is of an overall understanding whereas the end users only see their portion. Other key stakeholders will be advised of the information and updated to the progress as the information becomes available. The other key stakeholders will include the other executives of Riordan Manufacturing.
Information Gathering and Analysis Tools
It is important to have information gathering techniques so that no information can be overlooked. The information system that we are looking for must meet the requirements of the organization and the employees that will be using the system. The first part of information gathering should consist of identifying information sources. The main sources of information in the company should be employees who use the system and will be using the new one because they can tell you what works and what does not work or basically what’s good about this system so that we can implement it in the new
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