Bsa 375 Week 2 Ind Paper

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Service Request SR-rm-022, Part 1 Riordan Manufacturing Key Stakeholders There are several stakeholders at Riordan Manufacturing to gather requirements from to provide a clear picture of the final project. The first stakeholder to gain input would come from the Chief Operations Officer, he was the requestor of the system upgrade, is responsible for the budget, which includes payroll. The Chief Legal Officer oversees the legal aspects of the human resources programs. The individual human resources managers within the individual facilities are the stakeholders who recruit and handle benefits for employees. Each facility has an accountant that oversees payroll and bonuses as well as the payroll specialist (Apollo, 2011).…show more content…
Another option managers have to improve interaction is the care in assignment of members to the project team. The selection of stakeholders and IT personnel with personal interest in the new system improves the chances for success (Havelka and Lee, April 25, 2002). Another factor to ensure success is to train the IT personnel on the system’s applications and processes. How well the IT personnel understand the systems is extremely relevant to the success of system implementation. The involvement of IT personnel, who have knowledge regarding the application requirements, increases the ability of the team to correctly and quickly specify the requirements. Experienced IT personnel on a team help ensure others understand terminology and have more of an understanding of the stakeholders needs (Havelka and Lee, April 25, 2002). Project scope and Why it is Important Project scope defines the goals of the project and the budget of both time and money that has been allocated to achieve the objectives. For the best results to be achieved, both the definition and the allocated budget must be precise and detailed. A good process scope document will define specifically the tasks to be completed or the delivered results. The project scope is important because it will define the specific date for which the deliverables

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