Bsa 385 Week 2

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Developing software is far from an exact science and without a structured system to guide the process a project is likely to fail. Defining and adhering to a Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) early in the project will help to guide the development of a new information system. In addition to having the structure for the development team to work within a defined and agree upon SDLC will help to set the proper expectations for deliverables with the stakeholders and customer(s). Smith Consulting has been given the task of creating a Frequent Shopper program for Kudler Fine Foods. As a result Smith Consulting needs to decide on which SDLC will work best for this project. In addition to selecting a SDLC to use Smith Consulting will…show more content…
These user stores are then arranged into a list known as a Backlog. The Backlog is then prioritized based on what the customer and product team feels is the more important features to be implemented. The development group is then divided into Scrum Teams of about 7 – 10 members which include both developers and test engineers. The team commits to working on a number of Stories that can be completed in a 2 week development cycle known as a Sprint. Once the Sprint is completed the team will have created working software that the customer is then able to use and provide feedback. The biggest advantage that Scrum has over Waterfall is the ability for the customer to see and use the software early. Many times customers do not really understand what they want until they are actually using the software so having the software available early allows them to provide feedback immediately. If there are changes to made they can be added to the next sprint and adjusted quickly without much cost in

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