Bsa 385 Week 4 Paper

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Frequent Shopper Program III Christopher Rose BSA/385 February 28, 2011 Vincent Wesley

The scope of this document is to outline the process and procedures take to ensure the Kudler Fine Foods is in the best position to maintain the Frequent Shopper Rewards program that Smith consulting has put into place. The following document is a tool for Kudler Fine Foods to use to make sure that there is a checks and balances system in place as they move toward expanding the Rewards program and growing their customer base. To complete this task Smith Consulting has compiled a list of criteria to follow based on the
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Create procedures for post-unit testing and audits. Third will be participation and feedback for all activities related to QA and unsure there is a format for all relevant feedback. Fourth will be to monitor all areas of the project and ensure that project leaders provide timely updates on project statuses. The outline for individual tasks completed by each stores QA follows. First it is noted that every team member is responsible for ensuring the quality of each member’s work. Each team member is responsible for maintaining an issues database for the assigned store. Each team member is responsible for collecting data relevant to the project to ensure all monitoring and metrics stay current. The individual QA is also responsible for all reviews and inspections at each location to prove that the Customer Rewards Program is operating at its highest level. Structure Within each department a system is implemented to ensure a quality product. The qa manager will ensure the compliance of every policy and procedure. The QA manager will review and approve every action taken by the QA organizations team. The QA team will also be responsible for all testing. The project leader will be responsible for scheduling all testing procedures with the QA manager. Once the proposal is approved the project leader submits a Microsoft Project timeline so the project will get proper

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