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VBD Brief Green Frog Nursery/ Sanctuary- Not-For-Profit Growing local native plants Assesment Item 1 BSB115- Maanagement 1. Introduction Volunteering is any activity, which time is given without being paid for to benefit another person or group (John Wilson, 2000). Not-for-profit organisations often rely on volunteering to operate their business and this need will continue to grow as a result of volunteering trends in an ageing population (Volunteering Australia, 2012). This brief will outline some of the challenges and opportunities faced as a result of an ageing population, specifically focusing on the Green Frog Nursery. 2. Summary of the issue Whilst volunteering in Australia is steadily increasing, most…show more content…
This will significantly increase the uptake of volunteering within the younger generation (Volunteering Australia, 2012). 3. Implications for Green Frog Nursery If the Green Frog Nursery cannot attract younger volunteers, it will adversely impact their service as the older volunteers are unable to continue. It is important to understand the mechanism underlying volunteerism and increase the intention to earn new volunteers. An important factor is motivation (Wu, Chunxiao & Khoo, 2015). The company has to think about “youth-friendly information and meaningful opportunities” for young people to increase their participation in volunteering programs (Volunteering Australia, 2012). If volunteers become scarce or decrease, it will be difficult to operate efficiently. Fewer volunteers will increase the workload of existing volunteers and Green Frog Nursery’s positive social impact may suffer or decrease as a result. Green Frog Nursery has to address this problem quickly. If they cannot engage the younger generation which is the future workforce of volunteering, they might need to change their business model and increase the amount of paid work for volunteers, substantially increasing the organisations operating costs. To address the issue of the decline in youth volunteering numbers, Green Frog Nursery needs to introduce new strategies to

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