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BSB115 Management: Assessment Item 2 VBD Business Brief Vivien Hiller 9622349 1. Introduction The Q-Tel Pty Ltd is a company based in Queensland, which produces software and other applications for telecommunication companies. The purpose of this brief is to determine wether to establish work-at-home policy for selected employees at the Q-tel Pty Ltd. Information and communication technologies (ICT) make it possible for employees to work at home and deliver their work output to the firm by those ICT. This work arrangement is called telecommuting (Sarbu, 2015). 2. Analysis of Issue 3.1 Summary of the Issue In mid-sized companies such as Q-tel, telecommuting is much more frequently used than work in office. According…show more content…
In addition the employers should make a selection of eligible employees, as the personal circumstances as well as the assignment circumstances are significant for the work-at-home issue. Additionally, the willingness of the employees to work by themselves is important. Concerning to the close-knit working culture the company should determine permanent office meetings to ensure the agreement from everyone to the current issue. Furthermore the overall circumstances such as the work hours, the times when the employee has to appear at the office, the required technology and the protection of the confidential data need to be considered (Whitacker, 2016) 3. Conclusion Schein (1985, p.11) claims that the “only thing of real importance that leaders do is to create and manage culture.” Relating to this the most effective way to implicate work-at-home policies without loosing the close-knit culture in the company is to trust their employees and make sure that everyone belongs to the success of the company wether they’re working at home or in the office. References Olsen, M.H. (1989, October). Work at Home for Computer Professionals: Current Attitudes and Future Prospects. ACM Transaction on Information Systems (TOIS) (Volume 7 Issue 4). Retrieved from Sarbu,

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