Bsbhrm402A: Recruit, Select and Induct Staff Assessment Activities.

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BSBHRM402A: Recruit, select and induct staff Assessment activities. Assessment activity 1 1. How can an organisation identify the need to make an appointment An organisation can identify the need to make an appointment through the use of “staffing table”, it shows jobs within the organisation, their occupants, reporting relationships and lines of authority 2. What impact does recruiting have on an organisation’s resources Some impacts of recruiting can be positive or negative. The process of recruitment is expensive, so it is vital that they are used efficiently as possible. Undertaking recruitment at the wrong time can have negative effect. E.g. introducing new staff when existing staff have no time to train them.…show more content…
* To give people of any nationality or age equal fair chance to look for work and obtain a job * That the jobs is filled with the most successful applicants regardless of age, nationality, marital status ect. 2. Is it a good idea to ask individual candidates different questions? No. you should ask candidates the same questions. If you ask some questions to only some candidates of a certain gender or background, then it could be seen as discrimination and may be illegal Assessment activity 8 1. What preparations should you make for interview * Allow enough time for an interview * Prepare acceptable questions * Make a time/place 2. What steps are necessary when planning interviews? Having a scheduled times step up for the candidates interviews. and having suitable questions ready. 3. What should you do to notify candidates of an interview? Candidates should be contacted via phone of their interview, if they are an employee, you may wish to tell them personally. Assessment activity 9. Questions 1, 2, 3- see attached. Assessment activity 10 Assessment activity 11 Assessment activity 12 Assessment activity 13. 1. What documents might you need to provide the successful candidate? * A letter of offer * Employee information form * Txt file decaration form * Superannuation form * Employee manual Assessment activity 14. 1. What methods of assisting a new

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