Bsbmkg414 Undertake Marketing Activities: Bar And Restaurant Industry

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BSBMKG414 Undertake marketing activities
Assessment Task 2: Plan marketing activities
VILLAGE PEOPLE HAWKER FOODHALL ON Brunswick Street (Bar and Restaurant)
Conduct research on trends in the industry within which the company operates and provide a brief analysis of these trends and the relevance to the company’s activities.
Changes in technology: Workplaces are change of new and advance technology, technology inventions and improvements to be introduce. changes in supplier prices: convince supplier that your intent in obtaining costing information is not to reduce their profit
Review and consider previous marketing activities as identified in the Marketing Plan. basic advertising development and distribution of general promotional and
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Beverage privacy legislation

5. Discuss which of the marketing activities you have identified you believe are most suitable for the company and explain why. This could include one or more of the three activities you initially identified.
Most suitable marketing activity
Why is it most suitable
South east Asia food

consistency with overall marketing direction

As part of the proposal you will also need to develop and include an action plan for the marketing activities that sets out the broad tasks that need to be completed as well as timelines and responsibilities for relevant staff members as referred to in the Marketing Plan. You should also provide details of indicative costs for each of the activities you are recommending. To develop your action plan, you can use any type of project planning tool such as a Gantt chart.
Send your proposal and action plan to your assessor with a covering email seeking approval for your proposal and plan.
Marketing activities action plan:
Marketing activities actions
Staff responsibilities
Required resources
Monitoring and evaluation strategies
1. Live song
Gran Omal
$21 per hour human resources

performance measures

2. South east Asia food
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With a focus on delivering the best value offers to it target of females aged 25 to 35 years of age and ultimately drive consumers directly into the experience the firsthand.

A summary of the background to the campaign and expected outcomes.

With history a strategic brand partner brands in the US, To coincide with the launch of the Nissan Almera in 2013, Nissan made the bold move to go where no car brand had gone before in Australia: daily deals. Expected outcomes is 8500 people entered to win the free Almera,

A summary of the promotional strategy undertaken, as well as its implementation.

Working closely with Nissan’s marketing team; Living Social developed a fun and innovative opportunity for its members

A summary of the outcomes of the promotional activities.

The next step for consumers to be winning to actually go into a Nissan dealership and test drive, consumers who were committed to the brand were qualified to win.

Your ideas for future promotional campaigns.

Value add services: Mouth to mouth to promoting our product and using social media for advertising as the same time , Put more customers service for making value
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