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Diploma of Management BSB51107 Assessment: Manage Projects BSBPMG510A Task A: Manage a Project “Project Name: Walker Technical Website Redesign” Attached Project Charter for Task B: Prepare a brief report outlining the monitoring of the performance of the project. “Monitoring of Project – Walker Technical Website Redesign Attached Report for Monitoring Tools There are many monitoring tools for projects but one of the most common is a Gantt chart as displayed within this assessment, other tools include Project Critical Path Analysis and Brainstorming. PMBOK is a guide that sets a standard terminology and guideline for project management. It explains the processes and steps that overlap and interact…show more content…
Progress of implementation of activities Are the activities being implemented as planned? Number of activities planned Reason for delay 5 Delayed Number of activities delayed 3 Design Consultants miscommunication within their own departments and changing of staff members delayed timeline as project wasn’t communicated when staff were exiting employment. So these activities had to commence from the beginning. Were there significant UNPLANNED activities implemented this quarter? Implication of the delay delays (e.g. is the delay a significant problem?) No Walker Technical does have the old website still displaying so there is

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