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PROJECT PLAN MAIL DISTRIBUTION CENTRE PROJECT MANAGER: Geoff Blackland START DATE: 01/12/2015 PURPOSE: Develop a new staff recruitment and selection process for mail distribution centre. TIMELINE: Three months REQUIRED STAFF FOR PROJECT: Henry Smith (Human Resources), Roger Tucker (Mail Distribution Manager) & Janine Taylor (General Manager) Interview Panel (to be advised) Stage 1 of the Planning Process: 1) Select the Interview Panel and block out appropriate times to conduct the interviews. Ensure interviewees have had training and know their role and responsibility in the process. 2) Determine how many interviews you would like to conduct later in the process. Book interview rooms depending on availability. 3)…show more content…
Arrange for a buddy, Roger Tucker you will assign a buddy for the new employee to work alongside to support and provide the new starter with guidance and information to assist their transition into their new role. This will be an ongoing role for the first 3 months of employment. Obtain formal feedback from the new employee, Roger Tucker as Mail Distribution Manager you Are required to obtain formal feedback from the new employee after the first month in the role and manage any job expectations or problems which arise.

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