Bsbwor501 Final Paper

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3. Discuss the option/s you think would work best to resolve the situation.
(Students need to select any 1 option from Question 2 and provide the detailed explanation)
Selected best option to resolve the situation: Benefits of this option

Comprehensive feedback • It helps to find out the solutions in easy and efficient way which makes the task easier and saves time.
• All the detailed reasons and causes of the issues are provided with the option which make easy to make fast decision

4. Discuss the actions you will take for resolving the workplace situation.
(According to the best selection from Question 3, students please divide the option into the sub-activities into the table below)
Actions taken for resolving the workplace situation Staff
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Beryl behaviors can impact on her work staffs
How Yuko’s problems impact on the workplace .High staff turnover rate
. Poor performance level
.Negative organizational culture

Questions asked Yuko to clarify details:
Q1: What’s the report regarding the ongoing issues?
Q2: What are solutions to improve the tasks process ?
Q3: do others agree on the designed plans to improve your performance level?
Summaries to check understanding:
(Students please summarize Yuko’s issues)
. Alcoholic issues which is bad for the business reputation in front of the customers
. Coming late at work and even the works are not complete this situation gives negative imapcts to other staffs
. Complaint regarding discrimination issues on her work colleague this complaint have not been sorted properly.
Unexpected situations arisen from the meeting with Yuko Your responses
1. yuko insisted on that the management is in the favor of beryl The organization is always following the antidiscrimination rules in the workplace all the staffs are treated equally and respectful way.
2. She didn’t agree with the designed action plans All the staffs must follow the workplace rules and terms and conditions before
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