Bsbwor501 Manage Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development Assessment 2

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BSBWOR501 MANAGE PERSONAL WORK PRIORITIES AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT ASSESSMENT 2 - WRITTEN ASSESSMENT 28/04/2016 Answers: The best way to serve as a role model at workplace is to either have a clear, defined and organised work method and interact successfully with colleagues at all levels. For example a good role model will always organise his work by setting goals, managing time effectively and sharing his personal experience with others, he will also encourage them. Microsoft Outlook - with this software you can manage all tasks such as work projects and family business, it also can be easily looked online by everyone involved in the tasks. It allows to manage tasks and deadlines also. Personal Digital assistant - such as…show more content…
It helped me to have a broader view in my field of competency and to find new ideas from people who shared their own. SWOT stands for STRENGTH, WEAKNESS, OPPORTUNITIES, THREATS. It is a means of assessing any business or company because it covers these four critical aspects which could lead somebody to decide whether a business is a successful one. SWOT can be used by the manager in order to evaluate the current situation and take any decision to improve the business, it also can be used by potential investors in order to see if the business is thriving. The Performance Measurement is a way to either measure or give a understandable value to what has been done compared to what was supposed to be done. It applies to all aspects in the working environment, such as procedures, critical activities and processes. In other words, first you set pre-defined goals and give away tasks and responsibilities to other workers, then at the deadline you can compare the achieved results to what the original goal was at the beginning. It is also useful to evaluate not only the final result, but even all the actions taken to get that particular results and the way the actions have been taken as well. Activist are those people who are attracted by new challenges and experiences, they don't mind trying anything at least once and they put themselves in action
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