Bsbwor501B Assignment 1 - Fynntown City Personal Development Plan

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Student Name: Student ID: Group: n/a Date: 29/10/13 Assessment Coding Assessment of this program of study is based on competency based principles. S = Satisfactory NS = Not Satisfactory Students who fail to perform satisfactorily for the assessment in the prescribed date may be assessed as ‘not satisfactory’. You are required to be assessed as ‘Satisfactory’ on completion of Assessments assigned by your assessor for this unit of competency. Re-assessment Any re-assessment is conducted as soon as practicable after you have been informed of the requirement to be re-assessed and have been given the opportunity to be re-trained and assimilate the training. You are re-assessed in only the areas…show more content…
You have a lot of ideas on how to improve this situation, but as a Team Leader, you do not have the authority to implement any of these ideas. There is a genuine risk that FCC will lose its State and Federal Government funding, which accounts for 40% of all Council Funds, if Customer Service isn’t dramatically improved within 18 months. Consequently, the Council members are desperate to see improvements, without cutting into current spending or increasing rates. The current Customer Service Manager has been in the position for 24 years, and doesn’t believe that anything needs to change, and that the community will “come around in the end”. During your first Performance Review, held last week, you ask your manager to participate in the Management Development Program. You are aiming to be the Customer Service Manager within 12 months, as the current Customer Service Manager is retiring then. Your manager has just advised you that you have been accepted into the Management Development Program. You are required to come to the first Development Session with a draft Personal Development Plan. It must include: • Personal Work Goals (minimum of three) – these must be SMART goals • Alignment with FCC Goals – particularly as they relate to the above scenario • Alignment with Position Description • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and other forms of

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