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Section 2 Develop Team Cohesion and Facilitate Teamwork Page 41 Time/Distance/Number/Events are all measure of Quantitive data? Give an example of this working in your current workplace (3 sentences max). What will you measure? How will you measure it and analyse the results? Page 42 People’s opinions are measures of Qualitive data? Page 43 Communication could happen where eg meetings. Give four other examples Page 44 List five good role model examples Page 46 What is a good way to give constructive feedback? (three sentences) Good way is to Delivering a feedback sandwich,that's mean * Beginning feedbacks with a possitive comment. * Delivering negative feedback in the middle. * Ending by giving…show more content…
Describe how he overcame the difficulties experienced. How can Craig capitalise on this experience with the introduction of the GST and have his teams working more effectively when future difficulties arise? When you have completed this activity, you can view example answers in Appendix 9 of the Student Workbook. Page 57 Problem Handling Offer seven tips for getting a good resolution to a problem. Leadership Theories and Approaches (Page 59) Which three styles of leadership do you identify with? Page 61 Leadership Profile Create a leadership profile for yourself. Start with the following website and then continue your own research online. ‘Leadership Assessments’ Professional Sales Academy, viewed October 2011, Is anyone out there? A Guide to Virtual Team Working and Leadership’.Training Reference, viewed October 2011 Answer the following questions: 1. What are your leadership strength? 2. What leadership qualities have you noticed about yourself recently? Refer to Tips to build trust as a leader on page 62 Section 3 Liaise with Stakeholders Planning your communication to your audience Page 69 List a more unusual media that could be used instead of voice, email, letter, poster or SMS. Virtual Communication/Meetings Page

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