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BSCS FINAL PROJECT PROPOSAL Title of the Project Term of Registration: Fall 2014 Presented by: Registration No: | Name: | L1F01BSCS0001 | ABC XYZ | L1F01BSCS0002 | ABC XYZ | L1F01BSCS0003 | ABC XYZ | Faculty of Information Technology | University of Central Punjab Project Title Write down the brief project topic in four to five words only. However, the topic should not be ambiguous or very general. Project Advisor The Name of your advisor will come here. Particulars of the students: S.No | Registration# eg.L1F00BSCS0101 | Name in Full Use Block Letters | CGPA | Signatures | 1 | | | | | 2 | | | | | 3 | | | | | Advisor’s Consent I Prof./Dr./Mr./Ms.…show more content…
Examples of learning outcomes include (but not limited to) becoming familiar with XML, becoming expert programmer in JAVA, understanding an important category of algorithms, becoming a master of a certain API, understanding of an application area, understanding a research paper or an algorithm in the paper, learning the writing of microcontrollers, learning integration of hardware modules etc. Nature of the End Product / Research Outcomes State whether the end product will be a program that applies certain algorithms to some application, a tool that is end product of a research, a dataset, a simulator developed as a result of research, an animated movie developed using graphics techniques, a system that achieves better performance than its competitors, or a software package that is useful in certain application etc. Related Work / Literature Survey / Literature Review This doesn't need to be complete yet, but should be enough to show the project is relevant and interesting and make it clear what has and has not already been done by other people. You should make sure to relate the related work to your project. Compare your application/work with others and differentiate your work from others’. Also, include the related projects from the list of previous projects provided by the Project Office. Deliverables / Work Breakdown Structure Decompose your project

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