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COMPETITION AND BUSINESS RISK- AN ANALYSIS OF BUSINESS STRATEGYGAMEABSTRACT In this competitive business arena it is crucial to strategize and come up sound managementsolutions in order to stay afloat in the market. This is an individual report of ImperialCompany which showcases all the key management decisions that were taken to maintain acompetitive edge in the global market operations of its products. It will be sequenced in thefollowing format:1.Introduction to the Athletic Footwear Industry2.Thorough Business Environment Scanning3.Evaluation of Competition Forces 4. Strategic Analysis from years 11-155.Conclusions 1.Introduction to the Athletic Footwear Industry The current scenario for global athletic footwear industry…show more content…
The trade policies in NorthAmerica are quite liberal when compared to the other areas of operation such as LatinAmerica and Europe. Economic In this industry, the financial factors such as valuations in capital, stock market, exchangerates of different currencies, bank interest rates etc affect the functioning of the industry.Financial decisions cannot be taken if the above mentioned factors are ignored and theindustry has to be well versed with the above mentioned factors. Socio-Cultural Athletic footwear cannot be designed to cater to a large group as in general. It has to produceits products with a distinct difference keeping in mind the age groups or usage groups it isintending to target. Technological Technology plays a crucial role in this industry. Every organisation always strives for look atnew technological solutions in order to come up with a distinct product. Technology plays arole in production as well as marketing activities in this industry. Location The location of apt areas of production is what determines the overall cost per unit or qualityof the product. For distribution and logistics the factors such as payment of tariffs and
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