Bshs/305 Foudation of Human Services Week 1 Sheet

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Foundations of Human Services Worksheet

Answer, in a 50- to 100-word response, each of the following questions:

1. Identify the four themes of human services. • Problems in living: human beings are not always able to meet their own needs and human services has developed in response to the need.

• The growing number of problems in the modern world: Human services has emerged in response to the growth in humans problems in our modern world.

• Self-sufficient: empower clients to make decisions and assume responsibility for their actions.

• Social care, social control, and rehabilitation: assisting clients to meet their social needs who cannot provide for
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4. How have societal viewpoints concerning child welfare influenced human services over the past three centuries?

Over the past three centuries, educating adults about child welfare has benefited human services a lot: people have now realized that a child is the individual who is responsible for the world in years to come. Before children who in needs were put into juvenile facilities. There were often crowded and poor conditions. Productivity has now been increased in each child, preparing him/her to face the world. Childhood is a very sensitive time for each child, as well as each parent. More children are now being educated in our society, which is very, very beneficial.

5. How have societal viewpoints concerning incarceration and probation influenced human services over the past three centuries?

Incarceration has grown so much in the past three decades. Majority of these prisoners are parents to small children. More than ever, we need the cooperation between corrections, health and human service to work together to help these prisoners to get back to a good life. As we know incarceration and probation occurred in 1813 when Judge Peter Thatcher began placing youthful offenders under the supervision of officials. He also helped drunks and other unfortunates by bailing them out and provide “friendly supervision” to help them to

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