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BSHS/335 I chose case study 14. Tavion was brought to the Methodist Hospital by his father for a broken arm. Taviaons father was reluctant to leave his side. When asked what happened to his son the father replied that he had fallen from the jungle gym at the playground. When the nurses took Tavion to do his x-rays they did not allow his father to come. They then questioned the boy about his injury and his response matched his fathers. However the boys injuries were clean and the story seemed false. When asked if he was scared of getting hurt at home his answer was no. Before leaving the hospital Tavions father requested that the medical records are released to no one, unless he was…show more content…
whether the child is of sufficient age to independently consent to treatment. 2. How the release of information may impact the therapeutic treatment relationship. 3. Whether there are active concerns about abuse or neglect by the parent requesting the information. 4. Whether the child’s treatment was provided in individual sessions or conjointly with the custodial parent; and the purpose of the request. In the state of Florida, in most cases the non-custodial parent has the same right to visitation and shred custody as the custodial parent. The non-custodial parent has access to all the same information and documents pertaining to the child’s welfare. This happens unless the courts say otherwise. The ethical issues addressed in this case are the fathers trust that the medical records would not be released. The worker would be going against the fathers wish, but if they didn’t give the mother access to the records, they would be denying a worried mother the right to know about her child. Either way the worker could feel somewhat guilty (NASW,2006). If I were the release of information clerk I would tell the mother to bring in information stating that she is a parent of the child and has access to his records. She could even talk to DCF about her concerns for her child’s welfare. The best possible actions that should be taken for this case, is to give the mother access to her sons records. She is a non-custodial parent,

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