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Mediation and Advocacy Literature Review University of Phoenix BSHS/442 Mediation and Advocacy Literature Review Human Services is a fascinating field. Throughout this field, there are many different ways which one can help their fellow man. During my travels of re-education, I have learned how much one can help and how much people need help from others. Through this assignment, I came across the following websites which reaffirmed my mission in life; to care and help for others. National Association for Community Mediation The NAFCM has locale resources throughout the US and can be found in any major city or town. The NAFCM’s mission statement resonate their ability to help others by stating how “communities around…show more content…
This organization has made an effort to reach an “overarching goal of effecting sustainable social change by making a long-term impact on individuals, families and communities remains the guiding principle of the agency’s undertakings” (Catholic Charities of Los The undertakings are all done through the compassionate measures which Jesus Christ showed to mankind. In all, through the power of the Holy Spirit, they strive for social justice for the vulnerable and poor. City of Hope, Los Angeles This medical facility is one that is near and dear to me. Not only is this medical facility considered one of the best in treating cancer, but they are renowned for their medical advances in with many diseases. There is one wing of the hospital that I would love to advocate in; the Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Metabolism Center. I have been a diabetic since the age of 13, and I lost both my parents from complications of this silent killer. This center teaches diabetics what to do through education and informative sessions. I have had the pleasure of attending one of their group meetings and I learned so much more than what I thought I already knew. I want to be able to tell others of my strife through my teenage years and how I coped with the temptations of life, which were

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