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University of Phoenix Material Mon Valley Case Study Responses Read “How the Strategic Prinicples of Consensus Organizing Were Applied in the Mon Valley” in Ch.3 of Consensus Organizing. The following questions come from “Questions About the Mon Valley Case Study” in Ch.3 of Consensus Organizing. Identify where you see strategic principles of consensus organizing demonstrated in the Mon Valley Case Study. Provide 150- to 200-word answers for each of the following principles and the summary. |Strategic principle 1: Solutions to local problems should come from affected communities. | |…show more content…
| | | | | |Strategic principle 2: Pragmatic leadership is present in communities, though not always recognized. | |As a consensus organizer it is important to look for those individuals in the community that are trusted, respected and able to take on the | |responsibility of improving the community. In the Mon Valley Case study that person is Robert Pease who was the director of the Allegheny | |Conference. Robert Pease came up with the idea to hire Mike Eichler who would help with building new community organizations in Mon Valley. | |Because Robert Pease was a trusted individual in the community it would be more likely that others in the community would listen to him and | |be agreeable to his suggestions. Robert Pease was going to use funds from the Heinz Endowment to hire Mike Eichler. Robert also took on the| |responsibility to work with residents in their communities and advocated with them for resources. Many times leaders are present in the | |community, however they are not always recognized this was certainly the case in regards to Robert

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