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The rationale of this report is to write a Marketing Plan for an existing company in the UK (BSkyB Sky), selected from any industry (telecommunication industry). This plan is aimed at identifying ways in which the firm designs its strategy for the next 5 years.
BSkyB (Sky) should target acquiring 30% of the yearly revenue by 2018, after five years of systematic implementation of the extended marketing plan. The target markets of BSkyB are both individual citizens and small business enterprises, where the later will be at the centre in the targeting. BSkyB (Sky) is to segment the targeted markets geographically where the concentration will
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However, a foremost component of the marketing planning process is discerning, innovative marketing strategies and plans that may well direct marketing attempts (Kotler and Keller, 2009:80). In this direction, the first and foremost task is to identify the opportunities in the market and find out the prospective segments where a firm can take opportunities to enhance its business and profitability.
This report all concerns to identifying and assessing potential segments for BSkyB (Sky) UK telecommunication market. This business organizing operating in UK telecommunication industry is yet to make a mark and achieve a leading position. On the basis of identified market opportunities, it might be suggested to BSkyB (Sky) to concentrate on mobile telecommunications services, which appears a promising market segment, where BSkyB (Sky) huge opportunities to expand its business and so the profitability in order to emerge as a leading player in UK telecommunication industry. It is worth to mention here that UK mobile telecommunications market corresponds to one of the most striking tele-communications markets globally , with the mobile telecommunications services market segment creating
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