Bsn Vs. Adn Competencies

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There has been a lot of debate regarding whether it is profitable for all nurses to attain at least a BSN to work as a Nurse. This paper addresses the differences in competences between BSN RN 's and ADN RN 's. It exposes the advantages to the patient population treated under the care of BSN RN 's as opposed to ADN RN 's. The purpose is also to describe how nursing care approaches to decision-making may differ based upon the educational preparation of the nurse (BSN vs. a diploma or ADN degree). BSN vs. ADN Competencies Competency is described as the ability or skill to perform tasks successfully and efficiently. Why do BSN graduates appear to be more competent than their ADN graduate counterparts? Although the answer is not fully understood, research has shown that facilities that have a higher BSN employed staff rate may have less mortality rates and better patient outcomes. According to a study by Linda Aiken in Europe on Nurse staffing and education, and mortality every 10% increase in the proportion of nurses with a bachelor 's degree reduced the likelihood of an inpatient dying within 30 days of admission by 7% (Alspatch JG, 2014, p. 10). This may be due to the fact that BSN graduates are exposed to more extensive and practical information that can be applied in the clinics than an ADN would have received from there program. BSN graduates are better prepared to acquire and master new clinical skills because of the advanced education. As McHugh MD; Lake ET (2010)
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