Bsn vs Asn Essay

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Competency Differences between RN Prepared by ASN Program and BSN Program. The differences between nurses prepared to the job as associate degree nurses and baccalaureate degree nurses can be unnoticeable because both graduate as entry level nurses and sit for the same licensing examination – the NCLEX-RN, which tests technical competencies for basic practice as a nurse and gives ASNs and BSNs the same title – Registered Nurse. The associate degree was proposed for training technician RNs in time of shortage of nurses, about 60 years ago, in short two-year technical program. “This nurse was intended to be a “bed side nurse” who was not burdened with administrative responsibilities” (Joel, 2011, p.232). They are…show more content…
As we know nurses prepared with BSN degree possess the skill of good communication. They are prepared to work in all settings (hospitals, schools, nursing homes, other long time care facilities, and home sittings) contrary to ASN who are prepared to work at the bedside. BSN nurses are trained to communicate with the patient, family, and society. They are prepared to work with a group of people and in a group of people. To be able to work with the elderly patient with dementia, the communication and writing skills as well are highly required. The nurse has to communicate with the patient’s doctor, patient’s pharmacist, patient’s insurance company, and with a person who takes every day care of the patient giving clear and precise instructions, planning and directing all activities. In many situations the nurse has to act as the patient’s advocate and has to work with a group of people at different intellectual levels. Another skill required for a nurse working with the above patient is assessment. The patient is elderly and suffers from dementia. The patient’s body changes with aging and with dementia this person losses mental capacity. What the nurse needs to work with this patient is excellent assessment skill. In this case the assessment, planning, interventions, and evaluation of plan need to be totally changed. Only a nurse who possesses very good critical and analytical thinking ability is able to take care of this patient.
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