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Lecture 2 1. What is the distinction between data and information? 2. Describe the four attributes of information quality: Timeliness, Location, Form and Validity.
Lecture 3 1. What is business intelligence, and how does it differ from just having information? 2. What is information flow? Describe each of the following directions of information flow – 
horizontal, vertical, incoming/outgoing. 3. Describe each of the steps presented in the slide "From Problems to Decisions...". 4. What is information literacy and what are the desirable traits of an information literate 
Lecture 4 1. What is the main advantage of using computer-based information systems over traditional
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Client info, competitor sales 3. Briefly describe how the manner in which information is collected and stored will impact on 
its quality and overall usefulness to an organisation 4. Spreadsheets are an example of “flat file” information storage. What are some of the 
limitations with this approach? Free from errors and unnecessary duplication
Lecture 11 (Lab 5) 1. What is an entity relationship diagram (ERD)? Simple analysis diagrams used for data modelling Attempt to capture an accurate representation of required information Information is identified as distinct things of interest such as objects, people and interactions (transactions) Also show specific associations (relationships) between these things Entities:
“A thing or object of significance” Attributes:
An individual characteristic of an entity Relationships:
Reflect real-world associations between entities

2. What problem are ERDs trying to help solve? 3. Briefly describe the following ERD concepts: a. entities. b. attributes. c. relationships. d. unique identifiers. e. optionality and cardinality. 4. What is the difference between an entity type and an entity instance? 5. How are ERDs “read”? Use an example from lectures or labs to explain the concept of 
“reading an ERD”.
6. Consider the following ERD:

a. Provide an

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