Bt Corn Research Paper

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Corn was one of many modifications made by humans nearly one decade ago. It started off with a grass teosinte that they cross-pollinated with a plant to become a modern corn. Since farmer fields were becoming the ultimate target by pesticides and needs were changing by the public, plant breeding was took to another level. Biotechnicians began manipulating with the corn genetics to satisfy the needs of the farmers, and the global market (Gewin 015). Bt corn was invented as a transgenic crop to help decrease the amount of pesticides feeding on the corn fields and increase organism's size, height, and amount of kernels produced onto the corn. Bt is known as bacillus thuringiensis which is a soil bacterium that kills certain insects spontaneously. Bacillus thuringiensis produces toxin crystal proteins that destroy the inside of an pesticides gut after digesting a small portion of the bt corn.…show more content…
The protein DNA needed for the corn was extracted from bacillus thuringiensis, then the single gene that codes for the protein was copied and located out of all the DNA extracted from the cells. Once the single gene is cloned, the gene is designed and modified by genetic engineers to function a certain way inside the plant. The enzymes are used to cut the gene apart while a new gene enters to join the DNA bond. The genes are bonded back together creating a recombinant DNA. The gene is inserted into the plant cell using one of the transformation methods. In order for the transgene to function properly inside the plant it has to be in the cell’s nucleus and into one of the chromosomes. When the cell replicates and divides, all of the cell chromosomes including the new gene will be copied into the other plants creating a transgenic
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