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1.0 Executive Summary The proposals that we are going to depose are a planning of continuous action in order to confront the challenges, which BT confronts. The most important factor is considered to be the fact that the marketing environment changed rapidly after the deregulation of the telephone industry. Up to then BT was operating as a monopoly, ignoring the competition and ways to face it. Our intention is to achieve the already given targets and also prepare BT for an opening to new horizons. In addition, in order to face the fast changing environment we have to introduce within the companies activities like cross selling and e-marketing. A new era is at about to start, where BT will become one of the leaders within the global…show more content…
In such cases, most of the times, the pioneer proves to be less competitive than the followers. The British telephone industry changes fast according to the way telephone services are offered. In our days, were cross selling is in growth and it is a commodity the companies to be involved in various activities, in order to secure their profitability, it is expected that even more companies will try to enter the market by offering alternative services, coming especially from the sector of new technology. It is thought that ¡¥the best defence is the attack¡¦. As certainly opportunities will be given in the sectors of mobile phones and Internet services, BT will meet the challenge to enter. The participation of the UK in European Union may lead to further evolution in the sector of telecommunications within the Community. Moreover, it is expected that in the near future alternative technologies will transform the way telecommunication services were offered till now. For instance the future coming of Web phone may cause a complete change to the market. 3.2 SWOT Analysis The following SWOT analysis captures the key strengths and weaknesses within the company and describes the opportunities and threats BT faces. 3.2.1 Strengths The following are accepted as the main strong points of BT¡¦s structure: „X Access to respected amounts of capital, which will fund the

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