Bt594 Final Project

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TM1: Installing and using Linux operating systems BIT594 – Technologies in Practice Due date: 31/03/2016 Bobbi-jo Ataahua Paikea – 4203318 Question 1: Installing Ubuntu Task 1: Download the latest version of Ubuntu Download the latest version of Ubuntu (the recommended flavour is 32-bit, as not all software will run on a 64-bit). Take a screenshot while downloading the latest version and include this in the electronic file you submit. You need to document the screenshot and describe accurately what the screenshot was about. Write no more than 50 words to explain the screenshot. Figure 1: Download of Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS (Trusty Tahr). Screenshot description: Captured in the screenshot as seen in figure 1 is the download process of…show more content…
Take only four screenshots during the installation process showing: • where are you? (Ubuntu will detect your location during installation) • configuring the keyboard layout • setting the username and password • installation completed. You need to document the screenshot and describe accurately what the screenshot was about. Write no more than 50 words for each screenshot. Note: The password could be, for example, ‘linuxforever’. Be aware that since version 10.04 passwords that are not of a satisfactory strength will be flagged by the operating system. Be aware that usernames must be lower case and you must not create screenshots of the entire installation process – only those requested in this question. You may use screenshots captured as part of the related BIT594 portfolio exercise or from when you first installed Linux in study week 2. Figure 1: Localisation. Screenshot description: During the Ubuntu installation, if there is an internet connection present the install wizard will auto detect the location. Figure 5 displays user selecting Hamilton, New Zealand as the location in place of the incorrect auto detect…show more content…
Take three screenshots of relevant stages during the installation process. Write no more than 100 words for each screenshot to describe what was accomplished. Include the screenshots in the word-processed document you submit. Marks will be awarded for the relevance of the screenshots selected. It will be for you to decide and explain why the screenshots selected are relevant. Explanation for chosen screenshots: As question 2 is clearly focused on terminal/command line, below are three screenshots that have relevance to the command-line environment. Instead of using the GUI environment to install a new application on the Ubuntu desktop, the terminal/command line was used. Using the terminal/command line showcases a different route of installing a new application. The command-line environment also allows the processors to do more precise task procedures. Users are able to view a list of details and descriptions about applications before choosing one to install. Figure 1: Package names and short descriptions of the three
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