Btec Business Level 3 Unit Paper

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I think the only reason the people misused the product is because those three products are too similar with each other. For the packaging, I noticed that the Pet-Dri and the Baby-Dri came from the same container which was a plastic. Most of the time customer does not care what inside the container. All they see is that both of them were in the same container. Especially when one of them was for animal and the other was for human. So we need to come up with another type of container. We can leave the Pet-Dri in the plastic container but we will change the Baby-Dri to a container paper box. When it comes to the labeling, the problem started because they almost made with material. At first, as you can see it was not a problem for the first two which was Pet-Dri and Slab-Dri . However, for the Baby-Dri is not working for us that was one of the reasons why people started to misuse the product. As we can see what is happening to our product, we need to come up with much more new material so we can have a very different labeling for the Baby-Dri . Especially when it is something that can use on babies or toddlers are very important for us to take that very serious because if anything to them we won’t be to win it in court. As the CEO want me to let you know that it does not matter…show more content…
However, if we decide to recall any of them, we should only recall Baby-Dri . For now let us think of a midterm solution to our product, which will be a price reduction to our product because recall will cost us too much money. A mid-to-long we should stop production of the last product until we can come out with a complete new product with all the correction. To close with the product recall as I said, I think that might be a bad idea. What we can do at first, is to cut the price of our old product, stop production of the Baby-Dri, and come out with a complete new product with all the
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