Btec Business Level Three - Unit 1 - the Business Environment Assignment 1

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BTEC National in Business
Unit 1- The Business Environment
Assignment 1 – Types of Businesses
Task P1 The BBC is the largest broadcasting organisation in the world. Its mission statement is to enrich people lives with programs that inform, educate and entertain. The BBC has the second largest budget of any UK broadcaster with an operating expenditure of £4.23 billion in 2009/2010. The only UK broadcaster with a larger operating expenditure is British Sky Broadcasting with £5.9 billion ( The reason that Sky’s operating expenditure is higher is because Sky is a private sector PLC, which means that the public can buy shares in a company. Selling shares means more capital income is invested in
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BP has a total of 315, 553 shareholders ( BP is a large company with 79,700 employees ( and it is a global company because the BP Group operates across six continents, and BP’s products and services are sold in more than 80 countries ( BP is global because their products are extracted and produced in several locations all over the world such as Egypt, Iraq, Australia and United Kingdom
and sold in 80 countries so products are produced worldwide and sold worldwide. The oil and gas industry is doing well as there is high demand for it as people need it to run their cars and to work gas appliances. BP is in the primary, secondary and tertiary as BP extracts oil from the ground through the use of oil rigs therefore extraction is primary. BP then refines the oil in one of their 16 refineries where oil is refined and turned into petrol and diesel which is secondary because they are manufacturing to create finished goods. BP is also in the tertiary sector because they sell their petrol, paraffin and diesel at their 22,100 retail sites worldwide and to other companies.
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